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Reconfigure vSphere HA Host – The object ‘vim.Datastore:datastore-XXXX’ has already been deleted or has not been completely created

Last Friday I was patching couple of the ESXi Cluster using VUM, when all of sudden I see this  alarm message : The object ‘vim.Datastore:datastore-XXXX’ has already been deleted or has not been completely created’

This alarm came after VUM updated 3 hosts from the Cluster and none of the hosts that came out of maintenance mode didn’t have the HA agent.

The datastore name in the alarm  didn’t look like any of the ones that I’m using and when checking the datastore cluster there was none with issue. Also no errors in the ESXi logs.

In the end I found out that someone who was working on storage, removed the LUN, which was used for heartbeat as well. I added back the LUN and recreated the datastore and all was ok.

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  1. Cop Cop

    Hi Michael,

    this issue appeared in my environment after SFP Module exchange in the FC switch.
    I solved it by HA > Heartbeat datastores >”Use datastores only from the specified list”

    Thx for the post!


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