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Aria Automation 8.14.1 Update

Aria Automation was the last product from the Aria Suite that was left to update. First thing to do is to check if the current Aria Lifecycle supports the latest version of Aria Automation.

You can check that by going to Settings > Product Support Pack and you will see something like this:

If bellow this the you don’t see the new Supported Product Pack, press the check support pack online and after that it will be displayed. Create a snapshot and then apply the version.

After the update is installed you have to download the 8.14.1 binaries. You can do that from Settings > Binary > Mapping > Add Binaries and choose the VMware Aria Automation 8.14.1 Upgrade.

Once the Binary is added go to Environments > Select Automation and press the Upgrade button. You will be asked to choose the Repository Type, which will be VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle Repository, choose the 8.14.1 version. At the next step it will take a snapshot for you, in case the update fails it can automatically revert and last step before upgrading is the precheck and if all is green you are good to go.

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