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Changing vCenter Servicer Appliance (vCSA) DNS server

Recently I had to change the DNS server for couple of vCenters that were using a temporary DNS server. All these are vCenter 6.7 and you cannot change the DNS server from the html client, like it was possible to do in  6.5 from the vsphere-client.

In order to change the DNS you will need to login to VAMI https://appliance-ip-address-or-FQDN:5480 and login using the root user and password that you set when you installed vCSA.

Once you are logged go to Networking and you have the option to edit the settings as you can see in the bellow screenshot

Next you will select the adapter on which you want to make changes, in my case I have only one, and on the next screen you will have to expand Hostname and DNS and from there you can change the DNS server IP (from the same screen you can change the vCSA FQDN, about that in a different blogpost)

After that you will be asked for the SSO credentials administrator@vsphere.local (or what is your SSO domain)

And in the end you will be informed about the steps that you need to take after the change is done and you are also asked to have a vCenter backup

Once your settings are successfully applied don’t forget to check the followings if that’s the case:

  1. All deployed plug-ins will need to be re-registered.
  2. All custom certificates will need to be regenerated.
  3. vCenter HA will need to be reconfigured.
  4. Hybrid Link with Cloud vCenter server has to be recreated.
  5. Active Directory will need to be rejoined.
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