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How to check Hyper-V Integration Services Version

There are couple of ways for checking the Integration Services version of your virtual machines, depending on your environment.

In a standalone Hyper-V environment you can check for the Integration Services version running the following Powershell command:

Get-VM | ft Name, IntegrationServicesVersion

If you have a Hyper-V cluster environment that you manage through Failover Cluster Manager or Virtual Machine Manager then you have more options to check it.

One of them is Powershell commands:

Get-ClusterGroup | Where-Object {($_.Name -notlike “Available Storage”) -and ($_.Name -notlike “Cluster Group”)} | Get-VM | ft Name, IntegrationServicesName – if you simply run the command Get-ClusterGroup | Get-VM | ft Name, IntegrationServicesVersion it will list also the Available Storage and give you some errors.

Get-SCVirtualMachine | Select Name, VMAddition – when you manage your environment using Virtual Machine Manager.

Or you can check using  the GUI, in  Failover Cluster Manager console it will be displayed at the bottom when selecting a virtual machine and in Virtual Machine Manager console you have to add the column VMAdditions:

Failover Cluster Manager


Virtual Machine Manager


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