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Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2 – VM Console Connect Error (0x0003, 0x0000)

This week after creating a VM in SCVMM, I tried to open the VM console and received the following error: Virtual Machine Manager lost connection to the virtual machine for one of the following reasons.

Another connection was established to the console of this machine

The virtual machine has been shut down or put into the save state

The user credentials provided do not have the necessary privilege to connect. (0x0003, 0x0000)

If you search this error you’ll find this Microsoft KB, which was not my case.

I logged on the Hyper-V host and from there I was able to open the VM console. Then I logged also on the VMM console directly on the VMM server and I was able to open the VM console. So I came to the conclusion that this might be related to my workstation.

So I continued my investigation and found a post on Daniel’s blog ( where he talks about the same issue.

The problem is that as an IT Administrator you have 2 accounts, one for logging on your workstation and a different one for administrative tasks, which is also my case. When your opening the VMM console from your workstation it opens under your normal account and the process it’s not running under your administrator user, so that’s why the VM console failed on my local workstation. The solution is to open the VMM console with the option “run as different user” and use your administrator user account.

Ok, so I went to the console, right click on it and no “run as different user” option, only “run as administrator”.  So I started to look for this and found out that “run as different user” isn’t enabled by default on Windows 8 for the start page and you have to enable it by going: Local Computer Policy > User configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar >Show “Run as different user” command on Start. 

After that I was able to connect to the VMM console with my administrator user account and open the VM console.

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  1. Bernd Schwegele Bernd Schwegele

    Thank you very much, you made my day! Had the same Problem, on the host where scvmm2016 is installed, Console is working fine, on my new installed Computer, it’s not working, well until now….

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