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Unable to storage vMotion vCLS VM – A specified parameter was not correct. StoragePlacementSpec.vm

It’s been a long time since I wrote my last article and now I wanna talk about an error message that I received some time ago.

While doing some maintenance on couple of vCenters environment, one of the datastore was not entering maintenance mode so I had to check it, to see the reason for this. vCLS VMs were the only ones that were not moving from the datastore so I tried to manually move them and I received this error message: A specified parameter was not correct. StoragePlacementSpec.vm.

This didn’t happened with the previous datastore that I had to put in maintenance mode, so it was a bit confusing. The workaround was to go to Cluster settings and configure a datastore where to move the vCLS VMs, although the default setting is set to “All datastores are allowed by the default policy unless you specify a custom set of datastores.”

I added one of the datastore and then entered in maintenance mode the one that had the vCLS VMs. After that I removed the datastore from the VCLS allowed.

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