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HyperV Cluster can’t access disk

A while ago I decommissioned one of the HyperV cluster and I encountered a strange issue. I wanted to move the CSV used by this cluster to different HyperV cluster which was still in use. So, I removed the CSV from the current cluster and went to the other one, but when I wanted to add the disk, I got the message: “No disks suitable for cluster disks were found”.

I went in disk management to check if the disk was present on the host and the disk was there, but it was in RAW state. Tried to format and delete the volume but I got the error: “The request resource is in use”.

After some searching, I found out that the disk was still assigned to the previous cluster and I had to remove it using Powershell.

In order to do that you have to run the following command from Powershell as administrator: Clear-ClusterDiskReservation -Disk 3 (for the disk number you have to go in disk management in and check it).

Hope it helps!

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