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How to get a list of virtual machines stored on a specific CSV

A while ago I received an alert that one of the CSV it’s almost full  and I  had to move some of the virtual machines from it, but checking what vms are running on specific CSV it’s quite difficult in Virtual Machine Manager or Failover Cluster Manager. That’s something that Microsoft could take from VMware, the possibility to view CSV properties and what VMs are running on it and also intelligent placement of VMs based on I/O and storage capacity (SDRS).

For example in VMM you have to go on each VM and check hardware configuration>disk or in Failover Cluster Manager you have to change the view on Resources tab or you could go on one of the Hyper-V hosts and browse C:\ClusterStorage\VolumeX.

The fastest way is by using the following Powershell command from the VMM Command Shell: Get-SCVirtualMachine -VMMServer <vmmservername> -all | where{$_.location -like ‘C:\ClusterStorage\VolumeX*’} | Select -Object Name,Location. This will display a nice list with all of the VMs that are running on VolumeX.


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